log2rbac Operator

Kubernetes operator that helps you to set up the RBAC rules for your application. If requested, it scans the application's log files for authorization errors and adds them as exceptions/rights to the associated {Cluster}Role. It is like having a sudo command for your service accounts. However, with great power comes great responsibility. The goal of the tool is to find the minimum set of rights that is needed for your workload to run instead of using the cluster admin for everything.
rbac kubernetes kubernetes-operator controller

Spark Operator

Operator for managing the Spark clusters on Kubernetes and OpenShift.
spark kubernetes openshift kubernetes-operator controller

Abstract Operator

Library for creating the operators for Kubernetes and Openshift.
kubernetes kubernetes-operator openshift

Náhodný slušný Čech

Aplikace s prvky UD (umele debility).
trolling website

Braids -

Modern web / also installable PWA for my wife who works as a hairdresser.
pwa website design JavaScript

Bitcoin Insights

Analysis of Blockchain transaction captured in a project that uses Jupyter notebook with GraphFrames and NetworkX, spark-notebook with GrapX. Notebooks attaches to a Spark cluster deployed in a standalone mode, everything containerized and running in Kubernetes or OpenShift.
Spark Bitcoin data jupyter kubernetes


A simple game, where other cars are driven by artificial neural network (4 layered perceptron architecture with implemented backpropagation learning algorithm)
java neural nets

Maven Archetypes for basic operators

Maven Archetypes for scaffolding the kubernetes operators in Scala and Java
Maven archetype kubernetes-operator


Configuration (~/.*) files that I find handy
bash dotfiles


Ansible role for spark-operator publicly available in Ansible Galaxy
ansible spark kubernetes-operator